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If you like it rent it.


SWAP UP is a transparent online marketplace for fine art servicing three segmented customers with one platform. SWAP UP is for artists to market their work, for renters to access artwork for a limited of time, and for buyers to collect new artwork and make connections with the artist. 

We hope to build an online platform for fine artists to present their work to local art buyers and renters. SWAP UP is disrupting the traditional (and very political) world of Art. The standard Gallery and Auction based model has little to no transparency and provides an impossible barrier of entry for new art buyers. Additionally, due to high overhead costs of prime gallery space, and often times slow traffic, today’s industry standards dictate that galleries take up to 50% commission from artists. It turns out this model is not benefiting the buyer or the artist. So, why has this space not been disrupted yet?

We believe that art should be enjoyed by all, created with quality, and passion. Users can choose paintings for their homes, events, parties, workspace, stores, or even their dream wedding. SWAP UP will connect users to artwork made in their own community. We even take care of delivery and insurance. We understand that art is expensive, and a huge commitment. So if you like it, rent it! And if you love it, all the pieces on our platform are also for sale.


If you love it buy it.