Artists FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Artists

How is work transported?

All artwork will be transported by USPS domestically. Artworks will be transported through Fedex or UPS internationally.

Who pays for shipping and handling? Do I have to mail the artwork myself?

Swap Up Art will cover all shipping for sales. Once an order is placed through the website, Swap Up will generate a paid shipping label for you to attach on the exterior of the packing box. All you need to do is stop by a UPSPS location or a USPS authorized store to drop off your artwork, and it will be delivered to the customer(s)!

What is the insurance coverage for transportation if rented?

Swap Up Art’s partner courier USPS covers the insurance for transportation. If the artwork is damaged during the rental period, the renter would have to purchase the piece. We have a rental agreement with the renter each time a piece is rented.

How is art work on paper handled? (framing etc.)

For work on paper, Swap Up Art only provides framing upon the client’s request.

Could I make a length requirement for renting? (For example, I do this with some real-estate places and ask for a year contract)

I am afraid not. Our rental period starts from 4 to 90 days. Swap Up Art has a formula in calculating the rental fee based on rental days and the value of the piece.

What type of clients do you have?

Swap Up Art caters towards individuals and families domestically and internationally with a love for art as they are our biggest group of buyers.

Our main renters include local stores, interior designers, real-estate agents/developers and event planners.

What is the percentage of sales vs rentals currently?

To-date, about 70% of our revenue comes from sales and 30% from rentals. We cover delivery fees and insurance.

What is the average price point of your sales?

We have pieces that range from $200 to $5000. However, our average price point ranges from about $800 - $1500. None of our pieces exceed $5000.

For more specific inquiries please email tracy@swapupart.com.