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Join SWAP UP as an Artist


Want to rent, sell, and let more people know about your work? Join SWAP UP to make that happen. SWAP UP is by the artists, for the artists. We will take 50% commission for rental and 35% for sales. We take care of delivery and insurance so you could roam your creativity with no reservations!




We accept all art

We believe all artists are special, all works are equally valuable. SWAP UP is a platform accept all kinds of artists with all forms of mediums, aesthetics, scales, and price ranges.

35% commission for Sale

SWAP UP takes only 35% commission for all purchased pieces, while traditional galleries and auction houses take 50% commission and additional service fees.


50% commission for rental

SWAP UP takes 50% commission for al rental pieces. We facilitate all the logistics of delivery and returning. We provide insurance plans and Terms & Conditions to ensure you and the artworks are protected.


no hidden fees

No surprises! WE GOT YOU!

Cross Promotion on Social Media

Swap Up will feature your work on all Swap Up social media platforms.

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Submit your work


 Submit your work directly

Please submit a series of your artwork in 1 FOLDER with:

  • Your artist statement/bio

  • Jpeg.or png. images of artworks

  • Name of the pieces

  • Medium used

  • Scale in inches

  • Descriptions of the pieces (optional)

  • Price/ Value

  • Available for renting, sales or both

  • Website/ Portfolio Link

PLEASE only submit pieces that are located in the Greater New York area by emailing tracy@swapupart.com or click SUBMIT below


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have questions or just want to say hi

Leave your basic information and your questions, the SWAP UP art advisor will be happy to address all your concerns within 48hours.

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