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By M. Clark

Gold foil on paper mounted on Sintra

38” x 27” x 0.75”

Retail Price: $4500

Using gestural metallic lines "Launch" organizes chaos using dynamic movement that moves from the bottom left corner to the top right.  

– The technique used to create "Launch" is innovated and unique to M. Clark's work. It is a one-of-a-kind process that is undisclosed.

- Being metallic in nature, the appearance will vary as the light shifts. You notice different elements of "Launch" in the morning light than in the evening light. It was created with this intention so that lighting scenarios would highlight different compositional elements.

- The matte and shiny gold foil add depth and texture to the piece.

- Every detail was considered in the making of “Launch” including the edges that are finished with gold foil. (See photo)

- Signed and dated on the back.

- Ready to hang–no additional framing needed.

- A wire is attached to the back for easy installation.

- Shipped with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

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About the Artist

M. Clark

M. Clark’s metallic art creates dynamic conversations between constancy and chaos. Working with ordinary products and reimagining their use in abstraction, Clark manipulates heat and pressure to adhere metallic foil to varied surfaces. Her pieces reflect light in diffuse patterns producing a luminosity and shifting depth that is unique to her work. Clark finds the resulting “Art” a commentary on life: “The goal is always to find balance amid the upheaval. But it’s the juxtaposition of the two that keeps things interesting.”  

Clark’s creative process includes constant experimentation with materials. She explores the physical boundaries of her chosen medium with innovations in modern process. Each piece is created over many weeks using a specialized technique that Clark developed. 

Clark's artwork has roots in the way she processes symbols. As a dyslexic, context and connection are more powerful than stringed characters. She sees multidimensional shape and arc in words–linear structure broken by entropy and movement. Clark transfers this to the creative process.

Clark’s studio is in New York City. Her award-winning works are owned by collectors around the world and have been featured in international publications and media, and exhibited in The Smithsonian.

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