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You Cannot Expect A Tree To Bear Fruit Everyday II

You Cannot Expect A Tree To Bear Fruit Everyday II


By Jessica Matier

Mixed media on paper, Unframed, Diptych (two piece painting, see piece 1).

14” x 11”

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About the Artist

Jessica Matier

Jessica Matier’s work explores mankind’s relationship towards nature and society, the preordinance of human existence versus free will, and the knowledge of wisdom in man. The balance of these modes of being is discussed through the perspective of a distilled human and individual experience outside of gender, politics, and other temporal characteristics. Experiencing the movement in these abstractions catalyzes an awakening of the human spirit that celebrates the sanctity and potential of the individual.

The viewer’s mind is released from perspectives that often narrow our vision towards goals and desires. These abstract images allow one to experience a state of hyper-consciousness and create space in the busyness of modern living to weigh virtues and faults. The action of viewing the paintings stretches a hole within daily routines that allow magic or monsters born from unresolved issues to crawl through. This series intends to provide a deeply personal and unique experience while simultaneously building a feeling of inclusivity to the human race.