Terms & Policies

Purchase Policy

All sales are final. Non returnable. Non refundable. If you are unsure to make a purchase yet, we encourage you to rent out the artwork first. If you decide to purchase the painting then, we will deduct what you paid for rental off of the retail price. (Retail price - rental fee = remaining payment to purchase).


First 7 Days is $10/day. Minimum 4 Day Rental. After 7 days, rental rate is calculated based on a very slim percentage of the retail price and rental days.

Shipping. All Renters are subject to pay $15 flat fee for delivering and returning the artwork. Swap Up Art will provide shipping label for renters to attached on the packed artwork for returning the piece. All rentals are only available in the Tri-state area: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

No Deposit. No upfront deposit for Renters to enjoy their piece.

Liability. All Renters will be signing a Rental Agreement with Swap Up Art prior the start of rental date. During the term of the Rental Period, Renter shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage to the Leased Artwork. Renter hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss for theft, damage, destruction or other injury to the Leased Artwork from any and every cause whatsoever. No such loss or damage shall impair any obligation of Renter under this Rental Period, which shall continue in full force and effect. In the event of damage to or loss of the Leased Artwork (or any component thereof), Renter shall pay the purchase price of the Leased Artwork prior to such loss or damage, in which case this Agreement shall terminate except for any Renter duties, as of the date such payment is received by Swap Up Art.