Rental Instructions


Rent art in New York City

No Deposit. Affordable Prices. Flexible Dates.

Rent from 4 to 90 days!


Rental Instructions

Want to rent a painting? ALL of our rental pieces start with a flat rate of $40 for 4 days and $70 for the first 7 days of the rental period (regardless of the retail price). After the first 7 days, Swap Up Art calculates your full rental price based on a tiny portion of the retail price of the artwork and rental days.

For example, a piece that is retailed at $525 would cost $40 for a rental period of 4 days and $70 for 7 days. For 15 days, it would cost $83; for 30 days, it would cost only $107, etc.

Ready to rent? Here’s how!

**Please note: All rental orders are only available in the tri-state area and should be placed at least 5 days before rental start day to allow process and transport time.

**$15 Flat Fee Delivery and return for rentals (transportation insurance included)

Pick an artwork you would like to rent and select your desired rental days. The website will automatically show you the rental price based on the days you selected.


Select Your Art

Click “Add to Cart”, then a prompt Rental Form will show up for you to fill out before you check out. This form will ask you simple questions including the rental start date/end date and your basic contact info. Once the form is filled out, you may then proceed to check out!


Add to Cart

When you check out, please put in your preferred payment method.

At Shipping, please select “For Rentals: USPS Priority Mail (2 Ways)”. It is a $15 shipping and return fee for delivering the returning piece to the sender (transportation insurance included).


Check Out and Shipping

Once the order is complete, you will receive an Order Confirmation via email with your expected delivery date and tracking number.




Received art

Unbox the artwork gently to avoid accidental damages. Once unpacked, please double check for any damages. If there are damages present, please contact tracy@swapupart.com and attach a picture of the damaged piece. If not, you’re ready to hang/display the piece!


Quality/ Damage Checking


Keep all packing materials for easy return

Once unboxed, we recommend keeping the box, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap to pack for return. Therefore, we create less waste, and this would save you time to scout for packing materials.


Return Slip

When it is time to return, please take a picture of the artwork before you pack it to indicate that the status of the artwork is still in good condition or if any damages had been made during the rental period.

Print the shipping label provided via email and attach it to the exterior of the packing box. You may drop it off at any USPS/USPS Authorized) stores or have USPS pick up the package at your doorstep!